Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So as I tap my fingers and wait to lose weight, I think I notice that my jeans are saggy in the butt. These are the size 22 jeans I bought recently when my 24s were falling off. When I got them, I remember that they fit my butt so well, which was important to me since it had been a long time since any jeans had fit my butt at all well.

So now these jeans don't seem to fit my butt well. I think my legs, butt, and maybe my back maybe be decreasing - but all I can look at is my belly.

When I get down to a size 20, I might have to get a whole new wardrobe, and just don't have money for that.

Screw it, I'd better gain the weight back.



Fat[free]Me said...

LOL! I know, it is a bit annoying to shrink out of nice clothes, isn't it? I have been doing a bit of seam sewing to make them wearable for a bit longer, but every now and then I have to buy new jeans (thank goodness they seem relatively inexpensive at the moment).

Yeah, dammit, my back is shrinking too - why doesn't it come off the belly first, eh?

carla said...

**three cheers for having to fork out the cash for new smaller clothes**

You know, since it isnt my money and all :)

can you sew?

Token Fat Friend said...

I feel you on the clothes problem. I know if I lose the weight (which I need to do for my health), I'll have to buy new clothes (which I can't do because of my financial...err... health), so it's an odd position. But thankfully, my mom sews, so I'm hoping she can just sew things up until I really just can't fit them anymore. And then I'll buy new things.