Thursday, July 2, 2009

meeting exercise goals at the expense of getting anything else done

Ok, well, I didn't do much else today but I did get some exercise in. I did 20 minutes of yoga (approx.) again, and was able to get to the end of section 2 by skipping some of the section 1. I really wanted to get to the end of section 2, and it was definitely hard. I really need to get further along in those poses before moving on to section 3, so I think for the longest time now I can just focus on getting through sections 1 & 2 1-2 times per week to maintain and improve my progress in the yoga.

And then I did go to the gym because it was important to me, to hopefully push the numbers on the scale down. 30 minutes on the elliptical - not bad. (I remember days I've been more dynamic on that thing, but I'm building up from the recumbent bike these days.) My heart rate stayed a little above the recommended rate most of the time, going into the 160s and 170s (probably - when it got the 170s it was off their chart and so the HR reading got a bit off.) However, it felt fine, pretty typical - felt like exercise, you know. I know I'm getting older and should expect to exert my heart rate a little less, but I felt good.

And I did it without asthma medication. Although I will say when it was over the inside of my mouth was uncomfortably phlegmmy, especially uncomfortable around the throat. I generally assume this is my lungs clearing out with my exhalations.

So I am hoping for pleasantness on the scale tomorrow! :-D

After my workout, I was pretty sure that I wanted to have a cheat day on Saturday (which is the 4th - oo, that sucks) because I realized I really wanted those Russell Stover Roman nougats and molasses chews. Mmmmmmm. Used to love those Russell Stover boxes.

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