Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Really boring analysis of my body measurements

I started tracking my body measurements at fitday about a month ago. I know these measurements are subject to a little variation and 1 month isn't much to go by, but for myself, I need to recap. Here's the update:

Neck - reduced by about 0.75 inch.
Bicep - reduced by 0.25 inch
Forearm - no change
Chest - reduced 1.75 inch (having gone up and back down - difficult measurement)
Waist - staying pretty much the same (also a difficult measurement, I just have faith that one day I'll see a change)
Hips - down 1.25 inch (also a difficult measurement, due to bulgy belly sag)
Thigh - down 0.35 inch (since a week ago, no initial measurement)
Calf - staying about the same

I figure the chest measurement has to include lost back fat, so that's great. Also loving the fat loss from the neck. Pretty annoyed at the waist. Also, would love to see that forearm measurement budge, I've noticed I'd like them to be carrying less extra. But that's not a major thing right now.

My "stats" according to today's measurements are - 46.5-47.5-49.75. Ow, what a winning hand, she's a BRICK HOUSE! Hehe. Doesn't seem like much of an apple's measurements, but I guess that's thanks to my butt sticking out (yay, that's a positive for me! Hallie no wanty flat butt.) and my hip measurement including extra belly (oh, that's an apple.) I keep looking at my boobs and wondering if they're doomed. :-( So far, it's okay though.

While poring over health insurance options with my Dad today, it came up that I am not morbidly obese anymore, I'm just obese now! Dad said he WAS really worried about me before, and now he's not worried about me anymore. Hm. Not sure how to take that, I know he loves me very much and means well, but this dignity thing of mine flares up once in a while. Anyway, it was interesting.

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