Tuesday, July 21, 2009

going to bed without supper

I am a loser. I'm going to bed without dinner, again. I did enter all my food into fitday.com and can tell you that, without dinner, I ate 1367 calories, 54% carbs, 24% protein, 22% fat. Eating the full dinner (supposedly 550 calories) would have taken me to 1900 calories. Actually, I think they have me on about 1850 calories. (550+550+550+200) (maybe a little less)

I slept til 4:00pm, didn't get to the grocery store until around 9:00pm, so it was late before I started breakfast. Let me tell you, at the grocery store, I got to where I was just not interested in walking anymore. When I realized I still needed to buy something on the other end of the supermarket, I just didn't want to do it. I felt this was from not having eaten anything for about 24 hours, after having undereaten for a few days. I made my breakfast, ate it, and waited to feel my body regain strength. Over the night I've eaten lunch and snack as well, but it seems I won't be getting around to dinner. I really do intend to eat all my food. Tomorrow I'm sure I will.

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