Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3, 249ish?

I don't know, 249, 249.5, sometimes it even dared to read 250 or more... Tomorrow's weigh-in day and I guess we'll just see. I've been good, and I consider that in all likelihood I'll report a loss tomorrow at ediets' weekly weigh-in, so in all likelihood they won't be reducing my caloric intake yet. I checked and saw that I seem to be on a 1600-calorie diet at the moment. (I think I was more at 1800 when I started, and I don't know when the change happened.)

My belly seems huger than ever to me. Even right now. Heavier than ever, too, when I lift it. Last night I was on the recumbent bike and had a mirror in front of me and to the side and seemed to see every bit as much belly girth as well as face fat as when I was at 280. The only difference I could tell was in the neck. Maybe I retaining water right now?

Well, speculation doesn't matter.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's cheat day. Chocolate chip cookies for sure. I'm also thinking heavily about beef stroganoff. I'm having my family over on Sunday, though, which would be a good day to prepare beef stroganoff, but no way is regular beef stroganoff fitting into my diet. I may try to research to see how I can prepare beef stroganoff that my family will enjoy that I can have just a 500 calorie serving of. (Lo-fat sour cream probably to be sniffed at, but we'll see. there are some genius chefs out there)

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