Monday, July 20, 2009

New Short-term Goal - 235 by August 22

Last night's off-planness was a large meat pastry and wine, tiramisu and White Russian. The meat pastry and wine were scrumptious, the tiramisu and White Russian were okay but not the best choices for me if I'm only going to have one fattening sweet per week. Oh and I had that Snickers bar when I got home. Ver' nice. Never used to care about Snickers that much. Anyway, the fallout seems to be that today I still weigh 244.5 - no gain. That's good. I'll be prepared, though, just in case, because I think it sometimes takes a day to gain afterwards.

So, yesterday I ran into several people who haven't seen me in a while. None of them said anything. That is FINE. I don't know if they noticed or not. If it had come up, I might have talked about it, but I wasn't really looking to talk about it with outsiders. But I do get curious about whether people will notice. It's funny, now, I remember I was sitting at a table with two people I hadn't seen in a long time, and the guy was drinking beer, and the woman was drinking raspberry lemonade. They invited me to have a drink, and when I said I'd have unsweetened tea, they tried to encourage me to have a fun raspberry lemonade. I looked at it warily. Finally I simply said, "I bet it has sugar in it." "Oh, yes, it probably does. Do you avoid sugar?" They didn't really wait for a response from me, talking instead about their own relationship with sugar, so I didn't have to say I was watching calories. And the unsweetened tea turned out to be delicious - flavored with some herbs, maybe mint. But what's hilarious is after avoiding the sugary lemonade, I went out and splurged on calories. Still, even when splurging on calories, it seems silly to me to *drink* up a lot of calories. My splurges tend to be foods I have been craving, and I don't typically get cravings for beverages with calories except alcohol. Last night's white russian notwithstanding.

So I'm just here really to declare my next short-term goal and get mentally prepared for that, and then maybe discuss my diet plans for the day.

Short-term goal - 235! Anticipated date of arrival - August 22. Seems like a long way from now. Ha. Impatient much?

Since I have a light week this week work-wise, I'm gonna continue with yoga 2-3 times per week, cardio 2-3 times per week, and I should hit the gym once to lift weights and make sure I don't lose what I've gained. But I really want to pull my abdominals in, and I don't think crunches are what I want to do. I'm even thinking what I might just do this week is a lot of tightening my abdominal muscles and holding it, like 50 times a day or whatever number seems to work. Like Kegels for the abs. Maybe some knee lifts or Pilates-type things too.

I still haven't been to the grocery store and I need to go immediately so I can make breakfast.

Today's meal plan (on the new SUMMER SEASONAL diet plan):

Breakfast - Blueberries and cream omelette with toast, milk, and cranberry juice! 555 calories
Lunch - Grilled Chicken-cranberry! salad with toast and honeydew melon (except it might be canteloupe) 542 calories
Snack - Cherries mixed with fat free pudding. 186 calories
Dinner - Sizzling southwestern crab quesadilla with canteloupe 545 calories

Hope I don't spend this week hungry and craving. I have a meal plan. Stick to it.

I still have to post those pictures for you (and for me, really)


Learning to be Less said...

I know the frustration of no one noticing your weight loss. It took about 30 to 40 pounds for people to really notice because I was so big. But that is when I started losing it in my face and they could tell.

All the comments after that were mostly about the width of my ass.

But after 10 pounds I remember sitting in a restaurant with old friends and screaming in my head "don't you see me not eating chips? don't you see my weight loss? Notice something!!"

The world will take notice and when they do, they will not be able to shut up about it.

Good job! I'll cross my fingers for a loss.

Hallie said...

Guess I wasn't clear. I really didn't mind no one noticing. I don't want my weight loss to be on anyone's mind, that would be embarrassing to me. I don't want to talk about it necessarily, or acknowledge it. I'm just curious as to whether/when people will notice and what that'll be like. So I really hope you're wrong about them not being able to shut up about it because DAMN that would suck.

Hallie said...
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Mae Flowers said...

I know you can make 235 by Aug. 22nd! :) Great job on not caving in to peer pressure to drink the sugary drinks. One good choice at a time. :)