Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 242!

The scale reads 242 this morning. Whoa! That's a nice surprise! I confess, it took me so long to get down to 245, I must've kind of thought I wouldn't lose anymore. I know my next mini-goal is 235 by August 22 or so, but I didn't fully believe in it. This is a little encouraging.

The other thing, is, 240-245 (-254) is a range where I have spent a LOT of my life, so that I have the inclination it were where my weight naturally settles, so I have, all along, been a little dubious about how the weight would come off after this point.

Sooo, I will happily update my various weight trackers and go to work now. :-)

Oh, guess what! This new weight brings my new BMI to below 36 - It's now 35.74. (from a start BMI of 42)

Oh, and thanks for the comments on my progress pictures. I might just take some pictures of my dress, too, if only because it's the only place I'll ever wear it! I'll just have to wear it to the grocery store. Along with those purple spike heels which are so - pretty purple - with ankle strap - despite being spike heels :-/

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