Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grocery shopping and moderation

So I went to the grocery store and it was only $89! And I bought more than I needed to. So I need to use this week's model for the future. Or is it possible that my lack of weight loss means a calorie reduction in my meal plan, means not so many add-ons to my meals? Anyway, only $89. That's wonderful. Hardly any vegetables, really. And I didn't buy any beverages.

Now I just need to broil 4 turkey burgers and a fish fillet for this week.

I realized at the grocery store that this is Saturday and I could technically take a "cheat day" - though I hadn't really been craving one, and I didn't especially deserve one. It had been a while since breakfast at this time, and I guess it made me a little more out-of-control. Once I had the idea in my head that I might just allow myself one candy bar (instead of an all-out binge) suddenly I wanted every candy bar I saw. My superego chastised me - "You're allowed one, you have to pick only one." In order to decide, of course, I had to imagine how each one would taste and feel in my mouth. I fairly ate 50 imaginary candy bars. I wound up choosing the Snickers bar over the Cadbury fruit and nut - I guess I wanted caramel and/or nougat more than I wanted raisins - go figure. But I also got a slice of coconut cake, which was very rich and was the last thing I ate a few hours ago. I'm facing bedtime now and I haven't eaten Snack 2 or Dinner and I don't really want them.

I figured it would be good for me to train myself a little by engaging in moderate indulgence. One that's surprising to know about me that doesn't seem to match my character is the degree to which I am all-or-nothing - I'm not real good at moderation - it is a major failing in my opinion - I aspire to find moderation in my life.

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