Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Size 20 jeans

The past couple days I've been feeling really annoyed with the bagginess of my jeans around my legs. I feel like I'm wearing parachute pants! And I don't why but these jeans are particularly scratchy. So this morning while I was out, I stopped by Walmart (the only place I know to just go and pick up a fairly ordinary pair of jeans) and decided to see if I was a size 20. Turns out I might be. That seems kind of remarkable! I tried on two pair and I thought they fit. However, they were stretch jeans, and were a bit embarrassing at the crotch seam. Also, they were wide-leg, and I don't like these wide leg jeans that are going around, I find them unflattering. Hey, at least waistlines have come back up. So anyway, I didn't buy anything.

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jo said...

Well, cool! Now you need to hit your favorite store and get a pair. I like that waistlines are up, too. I didn't like the muffin top look on anyone.