Monday, July 6, 2009

July 5, 250-ish

Okay, as I throw away the wrappers for the Klondike bars. Back on track now? Absolutely!

Basically I had 2 days "off" - yesterday and today. I could catalogue for you what I ate, but why, it makes for boring reading. Yesterday I stuffed myself with fast food and sweets, then I went out and drank myself silly. I didn't fall asleep until 6 a.m., and of course woke 3 hours later, guzzled about a quart of Crystal Light and a glass of milk and two Tums, then went back to sleep. Intrigued to wonder where all that liquid went!

Woke ashamed to think of myself last night, and determined not to go back there for a good long time, but at least I did enjoy dancing last night.

Today was family day. I planned to stay on course, but it was the Klondike bars and the lack of a predetermined portion size that swayed me. I kept going back for more, like I don't do when I'm on the meal plan.

Now I'm set to start again. Nothing bad in the house to tempt me, no reason to sway, meal plan all printed up with pre-determined portion sizes.

I keep worrying that I'm going to go off it, get slack.

Or that I'll lose the weight but won't be able to maintain when I'm on my own. That will have to be a major lesson. I may have to develop a policy about sweets - they ARE my undoing, and it cannot be controlled, and it's hard to resist when you're going on auto-pilot.

I really wanted to be able to say I'd lost 40 pounds. That would be significant. I'm ready to buy the next lowest size of jeans. But mostly, there are people who haven't really seen me and I kind of wanted to have something outrageous to show them.

Mom and Dad were here tonight, and they kept making comments about how I'm getting "skinny" and Dad scratched my back and commented that he could feel that I was really shrinking. Here I want to be gracious but I don't feel it at all. Belly belly belly belly - remember what I told you about my waist measurements from Saturday.

So... gonna have to work hard to stay on track so that I get down to 245 soon - 40 pounds lost.

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jo said...

You'll get there soon!

Klondike makes Slim-a-Bears, which are very yummy. I have some in my freezer and when I have one, I eat it slowly and savor every last drop.