Saturday, July 11, 2009

work break middle of the night rambling

I'm at work, without dinner. It's starting to look like I won't be leaving for a couple hours yet. I could do without eating the whole dinner - it's a recurring theme with me. I'm actually concerned about weighing in tomorrow with my weekly weigh-in with a big dinner still in me - haha! I'm still hovering at 250, but I speculate that I could weigh in less tomorrow morning, 249.5, yanno. I'd be back where I was last week and back on the road to weight loss for real this time!

Man, this week is going to suck. Until I get that paycheck!! You have no idea how long it's been since I've been paid. And have I mentioned I'm about to get hit by the recession? Budget cuts means bye bye Hallie.

I saw a picture of my cousin on Facebook tonight. She had pretty much always been pretty pudgy, but at some point in time she started trying to lose weight a little bit, and now I see she's got this smokin' little waist and butt. I am jealous. She's so pretty, too, and young.

Anyway, I'm still over here trying to get any semblance of a waist at all. My Mom sent me some photographs that shocked me - oh goodness. At this point I would tell you just how ugly I looked if it weren't so overdone. I still have a long way to go, anyway, and wondered if losing weight would even help anyway. Sometimes - and it's too soon to think about this, I know - I wonder if I could keep going until I was actually slender, for once in my life, instead of aiming for a more respectable chubbiness. I have so much belly though. In my twenties I got down to almost 200 pounds, but I still had a big ugly belly, I just got skinner legs, a flatter butt, and flatter boobs.

Well, that's thinking too far ahead. I'm just taking a work break, and jealous of my beautiful cousin, and wondering why I didn't bring that burger in with me? I was supposed to be home by now, is why.

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